'​​​​​​'Lord Of Vermillion: Guren No OuEdit

Lord of Vermilion: The Crimson King (ロード オブ ヴァーミリオン 紅蓮の王 Rōdo obu Vāmirion Guren no Ō) is an anime adaptation of the Lord of Vermilion series by Square Enix.

Plot SummaryEdit

13 years ago, Chihiro Kamina moved in with his best friend after a disastrous accident. Present day, he's just a normal college student in Tokyo. However, on January 29, a mysterious ringing sound knocks out people across the city including him, resulting in the emergence of a mysterious red fog. Comatose victims began to awaken only a week after the incident, with Chihiro waking up almost five months after. The incident, now known as the Great Collapse, caused giant enormous plants to appear from out of nowhere, trapping those in the red mist. When Chihiro is given a seemingly fatal wound, his life turns into total chaos and he must now fight against those with powers similar to those he has just awakened, and must find a way to protect himself and achieve his destiny.

Cast Edit

Director: Eiji Suganuma

Writer: Masashi Suzuki

Studio: Asread, tear-studio

TV Network: Tokyo MXBS11Sun TVTV Aichi